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ACHILLpure Natural Body Balm 100g – Irish Eloquence

ACHILLpure Natural Body Balm 100g


Made from only the finest natural ingredients in the wild west of Ireland.
We have four exquisite body and face balms available that leave the skin feeling fresh, luxurious and nourished. Great for pampering the skin or regular every day use.
BB1 - Lime & Grapefruit (Fresh, invigorating, moisurising & zesty)
BB2 - Ylang, Vetiver, Hemp, Lavendar & Sweet orange ( Regenerating, Softening & fragrant)
BB3 - Ylang Ylang, Lavendar & Sweet Orange (Relaxing, nourishing & soothing)
FB1 - Face & body cream Rosewood, Rose, Frankincense (Repairing, sensitive, youthful & soothing) Also makes a great make-up primer.
Suitable for all skin types.
Wonderful as a gift or to pamper your self with natural and nourishing skincare 100% free from all the harsh chemicals that are common in many products today.

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