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Magical Glowing Heart Necklace – Irish Eloquence

Magical Glowing Heart Necklace


This beautiful sterling silver plated necklace has an intricate filigree heart pendant that glows vibrantly in darkness when charged by natural or artificial light.
The wonderful design of swirling delicate tracery is accented with cubic zirconia overlapping the magical resin that glows in a variety of colors in darkness:
  1- Forest Green - for Healing and Nature.
2 - Heart of Atlantis - for enchantment and imagination
3 - Frozen Heart - for peace and tranquility.
4- Honey Glow - for warmth and adventure
5 Purple Magic - For mystery & magic
This is a truly unique and mesmerizing piece.
Each piece is comes tastefully presented in a dainty gift box.
Necklace must be charged by light before glowing in a vibrant color, during the day the necklace is without color.
Chain length 18''- 20'' pendant size 30mm x 30mm 
Includes a free organza bag to store the necklace in.
Looks stunning for any occasion and makes the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

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