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Sultry Siren Invisiband Lashes – Irish Eloquence

Sultry Siren Invisiband Lashes

€14.00 €18.50

Until Death Lashes in Sultry Siren designed by makeup artist Tanith Billingham.
Handmade luxury quality 3D invisiband silk fiber mink style strip lashes.
Each pair delicately crafted to perfection.
Comfortable flexible clear band for more natural look. perfect for wearing without eyeliner.
Long lasting with up to 30 uses if used correctly.
comes in magnetic closure box with gold insert and logo on the front (this logo can be turned upside down to read the other half of the company name ''Until Death'')
Stunning whispy lashes giving full volume and intense curl with a rounded shape, these really give a fuller rounder look to the eye..
Lashes that last a lifetime.
No glue included ( we recommend DUO glue )