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Handmade Health & Beauty

Achill Pure is a small cottage industry owned by Stuart Foster based in the west of Ireland. It all started from a desire to help his little grandson with skin problems back in 2010 by researching and producing a soap gentle and soothing enough to relieve his discomfort, he can now boast a range of skincare products with the same concerns and set of values as applied then. His soaps are handmade on Achill Island using the traditional and ancient ‘cold process’ method. The botanical ingredients are sourced locally as is the water and the oils necessary for the manufacture. Everything used is as pure and natural as can be.
His aim is to provide a skincare product, be it soap, body balm or shampoo, which will pamper and restore your skin to a natural and healthy condition.
We now also stock the luxury mink lash brand ''Until Death'' designed by makeup artist Tanith Billingham. Amazing quality handmade 3D mink strip lashes at an unbeatable price.