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Cute new message in a bottle sterling silver pendants :) Posted on 20 Jul 21:04

Check out our awesome new message in a bottle pendants, make your next purchase that bit more personal with custom  messages inside :) all for only €33!! limited stock available!!!

Magical glowing heart necklace launch!!! Posted on 16 Jul 19:03

Be sure to check out our beautiful unique glowing filigree heart necklaces on our online store!!!
They absorb natural/artificial light and glow a vibrant cyan colour in darkness.
A real show stopping piece xxx

Beautiful new sterling silver necklace available!!! Posted on 1 Jul 14:05

We have been hard at work creating our breathtaking new 925 silver rose terrarium necklace inspired by the classic Beauty and the Beast. Each rose is intricately handmade from archival paper then captured inside our dainty hand blown glass terrarium vial pendants. You will find these rare beauties in our sterling silver section of our store :)
We hope you all love them

Wonderful Glass vial pendants available!! :) Posted on 26 Jun 00:59

Finally we have finished making our incredibly cute and magical glass vial pendants!! each piece is intricately handmade and inspired by beautiful Ireland :) we hope you love them as much as we do <3 check them out in store :) 

New art prints coming soon Posted on 8 Jun 09:48

The classic Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll has inspired me to do a new range of artwork that will soon be sold as prints on our online store  :) Hope you like them, they were painted and sketched outside in this beautiful weather ! :) x

New necklaces available!! Posted on 23 May 18:48

We are proud to announce that the finishing touches are now finished on our new collection of beautiful necklaces and earrings :) We hope you love them as much as we enjoy making them :) be sure to check out our amazing launch discount !!

New art prints!!! Posted on 15 May 21:44

We are delighted to announce our new range of beautiful art prints at  Irish Eloquence!!!
be sure to have a look in store :)

Sterling silver range complete :) Posted on 23 Apr 18:04

Here at Irish eloquence we have finally finished our range of exquisite sterling silver and gold necklaces. All pieces only have a limited number available so get your unique piece today :) 

New Stock!! Posted on 17 Apr 21:49

We have a new selection of necklaces and earrings that are finally finished :) check them out and let us know what you think :)

Beautiful day Posted on 9 Apr 15:35

Beautiful sunshine in the west of Ireland this week! No better place to find wonderful inspiration for our next jewellery range which is to come soon :) stay posted ;)